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20,000 Dialogues is a nationwide initiative that uses films to facilitate dialogue about Muslims and Islam. Watch the video to learn more.
20,000 Dialogues Privacy Policy

In order to better serve its supporters, 20,000 Dialogues does collect personal information. All personal information stored by 20,000 Dialogues is completely confidential between the Foundation and the subscriber(s). 20,000 Dialogues does not sell any personal information to marketers or to market researchers on an individual or aggregate basis. The Foundation also never discloses any information to advertisers, corporate sponsors or other affiliated parties. Users' contact information is made available on the 20,000 Dialogues map, only if the user so chooses upon signing up for hosting a dialogue. This feature is completely optional.

20,000 Dialogues may gather information about subscribers that is easily accessible online and/or through other public sources. 20,000 Dialogues reserves the right to contact its subscribers to verify their contact information. Interested parties may ask to review and correct their contact information by contacting 20,000 Dialogues at: