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20,000 Dialogues is a nationwide initiative that uses films to facilitate dialogue about Muslims and Islam. Watch the video to learn more.

Learn About 20,000 Dialogues' Award-Winning Films

One of these engaging, personal, films will be the focus of your dialogue. Review your options before making your choice.

Muhammad: Legacy of a Prophet is history in the present tense, telling the fascinating story of Muhammad through the lives of contemporary American Muslims. This is the biography of a man who changed the course of history 1,400 years ago, and lives today in the United States through the Americans who consider him to be a God's prophet. 2 hours.
Cities of Light: The Rise and Fall of Islamic Spain tells the epic story of one of the world's great civilizations: the European Islamic civilization of Muslim Spain. Its rise and fall was due in large part to the rise and fall of tolerance among its Christian, Muslim, and Jewish inhabitants. As we stand at a crossroads of history today, it is a story with much to say about the dangers of a clash of civilizations. 2 hours.
Prince Among Slaves recounts the true story of an African Muslims prince who was captured and sold into slavery in the American South. After 40 years of enslavement, he finally regained his freedom, became a national celebrity, and dined in the White House. This is an incredible story about an incredible man, who endured the humiliation of slavery without ever losing his dignity or his hope for freedom. 1 hour.
Talking Through Walls: How the Struggle to Build a Mosque Unites a Community takes viewers into the rural town of Voorhees, New Jersey and documents the struggle of Zia Rahman to build a mosque in his community. Against the backdrop of post 9/11 fears that threaten to scuttle the project, a coalition of Jews, Catholics, Buddhists and others join Zia to support his efforts, revealing the best of American ideals at one of the most difficult times in American history. 1 hour.
On a Wing and a Prayer: An American Muslim Learns to Fly follows Monem Salam, a U.S. born Muslim with a very inconvenient dream: since childhood he's wanted to get his pilot's license. Several years after 9/11, he decides it's safe to try. The call from FBI is only the beginning of his problems. The film alternates between gentle humor and white-knuckle moments to delve into the life of a devout Muslim American family as they pursue happiness and the American dream. 1 hour.
Allah Made Me Funny, a landmark concert film, follows acclaimed comedians Mo Amer, Azhar Usman, and Preacher Moss on stage and off as they lift the veil to reveal the humorous truth of what it's really like to be Muslim in America.
Inside Islam: What a Billion Muslims Really Think, a new documentary film from Unity Productions Foundation, explores the expertly gathered opinions of Muslims around the globe as revealed in the world's first major opinion poll, conducted by Gallup, the preeminent polling organization. Focused on the issues of Gender Justice, Terrorism, and Democracy -the film presents this remarkable data deftly, showing how it challenges the popular notion that Muslims and the West are on a collision course. Like the research, the film highlights a shared relationship that is based on facts - not fear. 1 hour.
Islam Art, UPF is proud to present its latest documentary film, Islamic Art: Mirror of the Invisible World. This new ninety-minute film takes audiences on an epic journey across nine countries and over 1,400 years of history. It explores themes such as the Word, Space, Ornament, Color and Water and presents the stories behind many great masterworks of Islamic Art and Architecture. 90 minutes.


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