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20,000 Dialogues is a nationwide initiative that uses films to facilitate dialogue about Muslims and Islam. Watch the video to learn more.
Religious Diversity Links

In 1991, the Pluralism Project at Harvard University began a pioneering study of America's changing religious landscape. This website documents the evolution of that project and is a great resource for anyone wishing to learn more about the many different ways that religion is practiced in America.

Beliefnet is not affiliated with any spiritual organization or movement. Its agenda is to help individuals meet their spiritual needs and walk a spiritual path that will bring them comfort, hope, clarity, strength, and happiness. Beliefnet is for those that are exploring their own faith or those exploring other faiths. Their resources include inspiring devotional tools, access to the best spiritual teachers and clergy in the world, thought-provoking commentary, and a supportive community. is for those interested in dismantling bigotry and creating communities that value diversity. If you want to know how to transform yourself, your home, your school, your workplace or your community, is a place to start - and continue - the journey. This website has an online well of resources and ideas, print materials, and downloadable public service announcements.

Now in its third year as a weekly program, Speaking of Faith with Krista Tippett has brought an unprecedented range of religious perspectives, voices, and topics to public radio listeners on-air and on-line. Each week, Tippett probes the myriad ways in which religious impulses inform every aspect of life and culture, nationally and globally.

A series of classroom materials that:
  1. Present the diversity of the world's Muslim communities.
  2. Answer students' questions about the nature of Islam and its role in the world in which they live.
  3. Increase student sensitivity and understanding of Islam.

The Tanenbaum Center is the leader in providing practical programs to prevent the growing problem of verbal and physical conflict perpetrated in the name of religion. It is a non-sectarian organization that addresses unresolved tensions by helping to change behaviors in religiously-diverse workplaces, schools and in areas of armed conflict.

A non-profit organization whose primary goal is to help bring together communities in order to promote compassion, cooperation, partnership and community service through interfaith dialog and conversation. The Institute of Interfaith Dialog is dedicated to encouraging the study of the global communities' spiritual traditions from the vantage point of respect, accuracy, and appreciation.

Television newsmagazine that provides insightful coverage and analysis of the news, people, events and trends behind the headlines in the world of religion and ethics.

A nonpartisan advocacy organization founded in 1994 to challenge the religious right. TIA remains committed to promoting the positive and healing role of religion in public life by encouraging civic participation, facilitating community activism, and challenging religious political extremism. TIA works to ensure that America is a nation where religious belief and practice are free and voluntary, and that the government does not favor or discriminate against citizens based on their religious belief or non-belief.

The story of three mothers from three faiths-Islam, Christianity, and Judaism; and what happened when they got together to write a book highlighting the connections between their religions. As the authors reveal their deepest beliefs in the book, readers watch the blossoming of a profound interfaith friendship and the birth of a new way of relating to others. This website includes detailed advice on how to start a faith club: the questions to ask, the books to read, and most importantly, the open-minded attitude that needs to be maintained.

The story of three women who have been meeting monthly since 2002 to explore their religious faiths with the use of books. The mission of Daughters of Abraham is to overcome stereotypes and to foster mutual respect and understanding among Muslim, Jewish and Christian women.

Interfaith Resources has developed a wide range of products to celebrate our shared ideals. These include interfaith prayer books, posters, stickers, name tags, buttons, T-shirts, pens, and coffee cups.

The Buxton Initiative

The Buxton Initiative is a nonprofit organization seeking to build bridges between Abrahamic faith communities through friendship and dialogue. The organization directs multiple programs to establish a friendly atmosphere where candid dialogue and understanding among people from different faiths help them find ways to live with differences.