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Watch a Film - Start a Dialogue - Make Peace Happen
20,000 Dialogues is a nationwide initiative that uses films to facilitate dialogue about Muslims and Islam. Watch the video to learn more.

Start a Dialogue

Whether you're interested in starting a community dialogue or a "living room" dialogue, the process is easy:

1. Sign-up to host a dialogue.
2. Receive the DVD of the film you've chosen
3. Download the Dialogue Packet and other resources.
4. Watch the film and conduct the dialogue, using the Dialogue Packet as a guide.
5. Evaluate the dialogue experience.

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Start a Living Room Dialogue

A living room dialogue is a small gathering of people who join to watch a UPF film and discuss it. A living room dialogue typically takes place in a living room, but it can be held at a coffee shop, library, or other comfortable space. A living room dialogue must include at least five people, and the host must agree to pass out pre-dialogue and post-dialogue evaluation forms. Sign up to host a living room dialogue.

Start a Community Dialogue

A community dialogue is hosted by an organization such as a university, a citizens group, or a religious group. The organization signs up to host the dialogue, receives the DVD of the UPF film it has selected, then hosts a screening of the film. The 20,000 Dialogues team supports organizations that host community dialogues by providing customized train-the-trainer orientations as well as resources for publicizing the community dialogue. Sign up to host a community dialogue.